Are simple online slots due for a comeback?

Anyone who has played an online slot machine game in recent years will be well aware of just how complicated many games have become and how elaborate they are. Almost every available slots game seems to be linked to a TV show, film franchise or some other piece of popular culture. This means that the learning curve for people who have never played an online slot machine game before and simply want to discover if this sort of thing is for them can instantly be put off by the sheer level of complexity and difficult options that they seem to involve.

The history of the slot machine dates back for over a century and so, almost everyone has played a slot machine at some point in their life and the basic mechanic is very easy for newcomers to pick up and understand. What is much less easy to get your head around quickly is how a system of holds, nudges and endless subsidiary games, often based on TV shows that few people have heard of, actually help to bring in new players.

This conundrum is now particularly obvious as more and more people start to play casino games on tablets and mobile phones. Casino operators are trying to appeal to people who are simply taking a few spins during a lunch break or on the train to work. A game that can take up to 10 minutes to play a single spin (as can happen in some of the extreme examples of slot games available online) will simply stop these types of consumers from playing at all – depriving the websites of the revenue that spin would have generated and, crucially, making it harder to recruit new regular players.

Therefore, it is very likely that casino operators will start to highlight some of their simpler games to new players, rather than showcasing their TV show and movie tie-ins as is often the case at the moment. It is likely, however, that the adoption of this method will vary by site and some ‘hardcore’ players may rebel against this decision.